To set a new standard of quality and service, Thais should have various choices of international quality lifting & rigging product suited specifically for your needs. No matter how small each part is, each and every part of those products has been carefully selected and providing customized services made for your desire.


We, Spica, strive to satisfy your needs by creating the differences in both our product’s quality and especially our services. Our founders, partners, and staffs are dedicated to define your expectation. Here at Spica, “Your Quality is Defined.”


Spica international Company Limited was established in the year 2000 as a worldwide certified distributor from elite manufacturing firms all around the world. Accredited by ISO 9001, the company were making world-class quality products available for local consumption usage with a mission of providing the difference and ultimately be the different in both our product’s quality and especially our services.

Enriched with more than fourteen years of experience, we have come to realize your needs in certified product’s quality and dedicated services. With our mission in mind, Spica International Company Limited provide a full range of service including product consulting and needs analysis to define the most suitable products for you. The comprehensive transportation management, we provide on-demand delivery service. We know these services are essential to your business, thus we sincerely believe that we are what you need. Your needs and our services, they are the same.


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