Thimble Preformed for ADSS

Thimble Preformed for ADSS

Thimble Preformed for ADSS (พรีฟอร์มปีกนก)

Thimble Preformed Suspension for SelfSupport Cable (ADSS/ARSS)

(Tangent ADSS/ARSS)

The name and symbol is indicated on identification tape which is attached to the thimble


  1. Construction and Material

1.1           The thimble consist of steel wires (at least 3 wires) and steel circular closed thimble (see Figure 1 and Figure 2).

1.2           The individual wire of a set are firmly bonded together and formed into spirals for application to the cable sheath.

1.3           After completion of all forming operations, the thimble undergo hot dip galvanized to meet the requirement of ASTM 153 or equivalent.

1.4           The inside surface of the steel wire are coated with,  98% aluminum oxide (Al2 O3) or neoprene coated to ensure good adhesion and no damage to the cable jacket.

1.5           The open-end relief design, as shown in Figure 2, are applied at the end of each preform leg to avoid damage to the cable jacket during installation and re-installation.

1.6           The preformed dead-end legs are cross-over marked with color code as specify in Table 2 to indicate starting point for application.

1.7           Each thimble has an identification label showing the cable diameter range, color code and part number.


  1. Mechanical Requirement

2.1           Holding strength

The circular closed thimble is capable of withstanding a load of 200 kgf., for 3 days. After testing the specimen shall be display no evidence of crack, breaking or deformation.

2.2           Slip strength

The slip strength of the thimble is not less than 20% of the cable tensile loading as details in Table 1.


  1. Identifications

3.1           The thimbles are identified in the following Table

Cable Diameter
Min. Length (L.)





Diameter of
Wire (mm.)






10.0 < D ≤ 11.09032.03±2%White12-60
11.0 < D ≤ 12.09032.03±2%Blue72-8412-24
12.0 < D ≤ 13.09032.03±2%Red9636-72
13.0 < D ≤ 14.09032.03±2%Yellow108
14.0 < D ≤ 15.09032.03±2%Black12084-96
15.0 < D ≤ 16.09032.03±2%Orange144-216
16.0 < D ≤ 17.09032.03±2%Green240-264108-120
17.0 < D ≤ 18.09032.03±2%Brown288


18.0 < D ≤ 19.09032.03±2%Violet312