Lever Block LB-I

Lever Block LB-I

Lever Block LB-1

  • One touch operation for free chain adjustment
  • Grade 80 alloy load chain ISO and JIS standard
  • Forged and heat treated load hooks with batch trace ability and stretch indicators



Idling Operation

  1. Depress the retaining pawl all the way and pull the grip ring towards you.
  2. The chain can be adjusted up and down by hand.
  3. To terminate the idling: Set the change lever in the down position. Them, depressing the retaining pawl as far as possible push the grip ring gently so as to let the pawl engage the outer edge of the retaining plate. Next, grip the grip ring and handle with a single hand and push them while turning them counter clockwise. The retaining pawl return to its original position.


Standard lift (m)Test Load TonPulling Efforts kgChainfall


Load chain Dia(mm)DimensionNet weight kg
LB-1 0500.501.50.751116.0148128295256456.1
LB-1 0750.751.51.131516.3148128295256456.9
LB-1 1001.001.51.501616.3152128310256487.0
LB-1 1501.501.52.251817.1161148335368529.6
LB-1 2002.001.53.002418.01681483503686010.1
LB-1 3003.001.54.503819.01911804053686615.9
LB-1 6006.001.59.003929.01911805503688025.7